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Hamster Free Zip Archiver  v.

Hamster Free Zip Archiver is a simple, very easy to use application designed to help you create and open zip archives. This tool uses optimum compression and productivity settings as well as making the best use of multi-core processing options. for

ZIP File Recovery Free  v.1.0

ZIP File Recovery Free is a compact tool that will help you open damaged ZIP archives and extract documents from them. ZIP file corruption is a fairly common problem that a lot of users face after interrupted downloads, file system errors and hard

Zip package for REALbasic  v.1.3.2

Zip package for REALbasic 1.3.2 comes as a set of classes that enables you to read and write Zip Archive files (those with a ".zip" extension) with REALbasic. If you create Zip archives with this software, any Zip compatible software on any operating

Zip-Ada  v.42

Zip-Ada is a library for .zip archives. Full sources are in Ada and are unconditionally portable. Input and output can be any stream (file, buffer,...) for archive creation as well as data extraction. Task safe and

Zip Player  v.0.1

Play audio files from zip archives

DFIncBackup Home  v.2.90

This is a personal backup program for incremental backup of files to zip archives. One archive can contain several root folders from different disk volumes and any subfolder can be tuned separately. Program has internal CD/DVD burner and scheduler.

Astro Solutions ZIPSelect  v.1.0

ZIPSelect is a small application that allows you to download files from zip archives without downloading the whole archive.

Backup42  v.3.4

Backup42 is a utility for creation of backup copies (ZIP-archives)

SynchroSaver  v.2.0

Scans given list of directories and copies to backup location those files, that has been changed since given date. Supports network and external drives. Once copied files only synchronizes further. Zip archives with password support. Update check.

HandyFileSearch  v.0.9.3

Easy to use feature rich file searching utility. Fast search, accurate results. Search using variety parameters: file name, file size, file time, file extension, etc. Search within ZIP archives, by EXIF fields or by ID3 tags. And much more!

Executables and spam filter

Email Virus filter, uses Sendmail, Milter, Perl. Rejects emails with executable attachments (plain or in zip archives). Also filters by senders, subjects and body keywords. Email is rejected at the connection time so you dont spam innocent victims

QuickZip Module  v.1.0

This little utility is for make zip archives, and send activity log by

StuffIt Expander for Mac OS  v.2011

Always free to use whether you download it separately or as part of a StuffIt Trial or StuffIt Deluxe Trial. Access StuffIt files, uncompress Zip archives, decompress tar, gzip and bzip archives, and more. Just drag, drop, and you’re done!

VelcroFly  v.4.3

VelcroFly was developed in the Java programming language as a handy and very easy-to-use ZIP utility. It supports the creation of Matryoshka-style nested ZIP archives, which in some cases reduces the file size up to 40% better than unnested zip

Beesoft Commander  v.86

Graphics file manager with two panels (like Norton Commander). It can copy, delete, rename, view and edit, change permission, create and check MD5 sums for files. Compare files and directories. Works with tar, gz, bz2 and zip archives. It is a ftp

PrEd - A Property File Editor for Java  v.1.0

PrEd is a Java based graphical utility to find and edit Java property files in JAR, WAR, EAR and other kind of ZIP archives. It is the perfect tool for customizing Java and J2EE application archives.Enjoy, Daniel Palomo van

Python-archimporter  v.0.0.1

Python module importer to import from archives. Demonstrates importing modules from AES encrypted zip archives. Experimental

QuaZIP  v.0.4.4

A C++ wrapper for the Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP C package, using Trolltech's Qt toolkit. Useful to access ZIP archives from the Qt

Romset repacker  v.rc

This is a Win32 console application coded in C#. It is used to repack zip archives into 7zips and was coded with Rom Sets in

Sweaty7Z  v.1.0

WARNING: Project cancelled. No another version are coming in future. Sweaty7Z - Dynamic-Link Library written on Visual C#, allows .Net applications to work with zip archives. It's supports many archive types and based on 7-Zip open-source

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